Behind the Screens.

Dream Media Designs is an agency founded and operated by a brother and sister duo. We take pride in offering a unique design process built on taking the time to learn about our clients and their needs. We partner with some of the best designers and developers in the game, ensuring that your brand remains etched in the minds of your customers.

Alisha Osika.

Owner. Computer Graphic Designer. After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a Master of Fine Arts, Alisha didn’t waste any time getting started in the design industry. She began working for a small design agency, learning the ins and outs of running a successful business.

From there, she worked for a local video and post-production company, until she decided it was time to make her dream of owning a business come true.

Specializing in video editing, promotional design, and public relations, Alisha is the glue that holds Dream Media together. Her entrepreneurial skills, talent for design, and optimistic personality make her an ideal resource for promoting your business.

Alisha lives in the Western, NY area with two beloved huskies. She loves spending time with family and friends and enjoys relaxing with a nice glass of red wine.

You can reach Alisha by email at

Daniel Messmer.

Owner. Illustrator. Even at an early age, Dan was fascinated with logos. When he was younger, he would sketch characters and branded icons into his notebook, a sign of a true artist.

Dan has now developed into a full-time Illustrator who brings art to life through professional composition and design.
In 2009, Dan opened his first company, Numskull Clothing Co., where he designed customized clothing apparel for extreme outdoor enthusiasts.

Wanting to further capitalize on his passion for logo design, Dan, along with his sister, Alisha decided to open Dream Media Designs in 2012. A business that has been promoting local businesses through personalized branding, responsive websites, and creative logo design.

Dan resides in the Upstate, NY area with his wife and kids. When he is not designing, you can find Dan cooking up tasty dishes!

Chris Schroeder

Illustrator. Graphic Designer. Chris has been drawing caricatures of his friends, teachers, and pets since 6th grade. Chris’ background includes graphic and website design, animation, illustration, photography, multimedia and film production. Since 2010 he has been self-employed at Schroeder Creations and had the opportunity to work with some amazing businesses, non-profits and brands.

Although his time is well spent, nothing compares to every moment with his supportive wife and kids!

Jessica Heuston

Content Writer. As a child, Jessica enjoyed writing for fun. She loved making up her own magazine content, and even got creative with writing her own chapter books. She received several awards during her school-aged years for writing.

Today, Jessica’s passion lies within her work as a clinical social worker, providing brief therapy for an integrated healthcare program in primary care. Jessica was honored when she was asked to work with Dream Media Designs, as it helped rekindle her love for writing.

When Jessica is not working, she enjoys time with her husband, children, friends, and kitties. She loves to be in nature. You can usually find her on a nature trail or kayak!